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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Open Entry Exhibition - 'Wash Dark Colours Separately'

Closing date for Submissions - Friday April 8th 2011

Call for Submissions The Art Lounge, New Mills, Derbyshire

Art Lounge is hosting its third open exhibition 'Wash Dark Colours Separately' opening with a preview evening on Thursday April 21st, the exhibition runs until Sunday July 3rd.
Everyone Welcome!
Good quality jpegs of submissions should be emailed to theartlounge@hotmail.co.uk (Art lounge specializes in contemporary and challenging work.)

No commission is taken by The Art Lounge or organiser, as this is a venture that aims to provide emerging artists with a platform to display and sell their work.


Submission details

Submissions are to be made initially by email, please include dimensions and medium.
Maximum height for 2Dwork should be no more than 85cms as the hanging space is restricted! Width of work is not an issue.
3D work should fit on a plinth dimensions 40 x 40 cms.

Closing date, Friday April 8th. You will be notified of initial acceptance shortly after.

Following initial acceptance work is to be delivered to 30 High Street, New Mills, SK22 4AL by Sunday April 17th, or pickup arranged from Neoartists, Bolton.

Notification of final acceptance will be given on Tuesday 19th April after the final curating
decisions have been made.

enquiries Lyn Bannister - theartlounge@hotmail.co.uk 07753842861

For Your Information

The Art Lounge is a new venue with contemporary and sometimes challenging art, good beer, fine wines and music. The Art Lounge hosts a rolling programme of exhibitions of local and
regional artwork that aims to provide a platform for artists and a changing environment for Art Lounge customers.

The Art Lounge is the latest addition to an already thriving artistic and creative community in the local area, including New Mills Original, St James Arts, The Art Theatre and High Peak
Community Arts to name but a few.

David Botham, the proprietor, who has a longstanding interest in the arts says, “The aim is to create an alternative venue with a relaxed atmosphere where people can see a changing range of thought provoking and stimulating artwork, and enjoy a coffee or glass of wine”

Opening times Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun 7pm till late

Art Lounge, The Beehive, 67 Albion Rd, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK22 3EY

Tel: 01663 742087

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Making Your Own Cradled Panel Support

Ok, over a certain size I've taken to using canvas for it's lightness the only problem is that I lose the hard flat surface that i like to use. However I've just come across this fantastic set of youtube videos which show you how to make a good pcradled panel.

How To Cradle a Wood panel Part 1 HD!

How to Cradle a Wood Panel Part 2 HD!

How to Cradle a Wood Panel Part 3 HD!

How to Cradle a Wood Panel Part 4 HD!

I have come across this caveat -
"I do have one very large warning about his process: towards the end he secures the panel to the frame first by gluing it (which is fine) and then by driving counter-sunk screws through the front of the panel and puttying over the holes. This is a terrible idea, and in my opinion one that will drastically shorten the longevity of the painting. Clamps and heavy weights should be sufficient to hold the panel to the cradle while the glue cures. One should never do anything that compromises the integrity of the painting surface."

Once your panel is complete you need to prepare the surface for painting (don't just do one layer of gesso do three, with time to dry between each coat)

Save Money! Learn How to Gesso a Hardboard Panel for Painting

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Google Art Project - www.googleartproject.com

If you've not seen this before I suggest you add the following  link to your bookmarks list.

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

There's loads of galleries that you can have a 'wander' around, Tate Britain, Smithsonian, Uffizi, MoMA, with loads more to come.

Have a look at these 2 pieces below which are on show at the National Gallery, London . The resolution of these images is phenomenal you can get in so close.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Competition - The National Open Art Competition

Entries now being taken for the NOACC 2011
The National Open Art Competition

Hmm, doesn't look like it includes photography though, but, then again I've just seen some photographic award connected with this....trying to find more specific details as I type.... The closing date to register is 18th Spetember 2011

online registration form is here

details are here

the prizes

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Watercolour - the medium for the 21st Century (??!??)

Ok, I've just done my first watercolour painting in 18 years
thought I'd post here the painting and some watercolour related links

and here's another I've just finished

Sheffield's Millennium Gallery
17 June - 5 September 2010
Watercolour in Britain: Tradition and Beyond
(surprised that they don't have more info about the show)

On now at TATE Britain
16 February  –  21 August 2011

And the best online resource for watercolour painting that i've ever come across -

hmm, ways to go forward with this???
Well watercolour is very much synonymous with being a British medium to paint in...  so I can tick that box off ... I'm a Brit ✔

Hmm, British landscape/still life is often painted in watercolour...... Ok, things that I find in the landscape/cityscape around me??? Lets see.... rubbish and such like, stuff that's been discarded after being consumed...stuff that's throwaway, but also defines what people are consuming locally... in material and content... that sort of works for subject of a still life ✔

Also as my watercolour paints have been chucked around and ignored for almost 2 decades and I guess it's a throwaway kind of medium so that connects with  the sentence above ✔

I still need the 'space' to resonate and to like something before I choose for it to be painted ✔

The objects should be contemporary and easy to recognise...after all I am calling myself a realistic painter after all ✔

Before I ever entered an art education/training watercolour was the material of choice...it was cheap, easily available and doesnt damage when comes into contact with other objects /materials so my mum was ok for me to use the stuff....so a touch of a personal resonance with the medium ✔

There's room for maneuver in this me thinks.

Down side??? Hmm, guess i'm gonna be rummaging through bins and scouring the streets then.

Chuck Close - interview with Robert Storr

Chuck Close... I never get board of this guy talking.... one of the most straight forward talking artists but also a trully fantastic painter... the interview itself gets started after 5 mins

to see an array of Chuck Close paintings click on the link below