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Friday, 30 November 2012

A Year Long 2013 Project?

Hmm, contemplating a possible year long project for 2013. I've been pondering doing a 'painting-a-day' project for a while now. Seeing how my 25cm squares are currently working out well and that I've sped up my process using acrylic for the underpainting I'm thinking this is do-able. It will be a project that starts on the 1st of January all the way through to the end. There will be days missed and I'm sure I will lag a few times

what will be my aims?
1)To complete and record a large body of work and hopefully keep you folks interested along the way.
2)This will help me refine my technique and brush-mark.
3)It will keep me pinned down to one style of work.
4) There will be no need to focus on conceptualising as can just watch and see what the results are as they arise and watch any groupings or themes as they come about - that'll be fun

I like the idea of seeing a large collage of disparate images at the end of this time. Obviously the odd one or 2 will be sold along the way.

hmm... ponder, ponder

The Cupola Gallery show 'Revelation'

The Cupola Gallery show 'Revelation', which I'm part of is up and running until 13th January 2013. Do come along and see everyone's work (and mine :) ) all of which are for sale. Good for any Chrimbo prezzies for loved ones.

My work  'Sunrise', 'Bokeh', 'Sun and Clouds'

Oil paint and acrylic on gesso and MDF panel
25cm x 25cm
October 2012

How do these link to a 'Revelation' ?

My work is about looking at the world that's around me, not necessarily understanding but seeing, and then responding to what I see.These images show light acting in a variety of ways, ephemeral, transient and elusive. The light depicted also shows how it deals with my camera - the 'artifacts' , the blurring, the light rays, the extreme contrasts. I use my camera in the same way many use a sketchbook, not to record definite moments but in a sketch type way of recording, exploring and an encountering of possibilities. The images don't always 'work', but those that do I want to immerse myself into and add my painterly skills into the mix, I'm a painter not a photographer after all. These 3 moments that are depicted are ephemeral they disappear within a blink of an eye, but ironically it takes me a much longer to then fix them in paint. Trying to grasp the ungraspable, a total paradox, is that recognition a 'Revelation' of sorts?

Show Open
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6.30pm
Sunday, Monday & Bank Holidays, 11am-4pm.

Cupola Gallery
178 Middlewood Road
S6 1TD
0114 285 2665

Website - www.cupolagallery.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/cupolacontemporaryart

A 'Sort Of' Declaration / Manifesto for My Work

Things are important.

Things? Ephemeral moments, glimpses that catch your gaze. Mundane spaces, moments and actions that hold your attention and seem to freeze time.

I am interested in serendipity –“happy accidents” and the emotions that come about from noticing them. Familiar examples might be a water droplet dribbling down the side of a glass,

a speck of dust in a shaft of sunlight or a magnificent sunset over the brow of a hill.

It is not a case of something being beautiful or filled with huge meaning, sometimes I will respond to something without truthfully knowing why. For some reason, at one moment of time, a thing has importance.

This may suggest photography as being a way to go, but I want to reconstruct the moment that‘s passed. I want to pay homage to it, actively deconstruct it, then reconstruct it, add myself to the mix as after all I am the person that had the moment and am choosing to portray it. Some of the photos I take, if enlarged, would become seriously uninteresting but by the action of painting, having made an image out of many marks, it gains a vibrancy, a texture, which is substantially different to a photograph even if the initial impression of my work is photographic

As a painter I am unable to capture these moments immediately and photography can miss them or lose the emotional connection as it records the event. I use my camera as a sketchbook, to test , record and then expand on.

I’m not aiming to glamorise the mundane, but searching to find interest in the things around us that we usually ignore. There are fascinating things, often unobserved around each of us. I’m interested in those things that we miss, that we tend to use 'entertainment' to distract us from. I’m fascinated by the world around me not in an engaging way, but as an observer. I love watching the world go by. I am a voyeur.