A painter living in the wilds of Yorkshire (Sheffield, so not really 'wilds' as such). Has been painting for 15 years, properly established in 2008.
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Own Work That's on Display in The "Stillness" Show

Here's what my own work looks like with close ups :)

All the painting's are for sale at £150 ("Sit W/Apple" & "Sit W/Moon" have already sold)

For details contact me via email -Andy@artbyandyonline.com



Thursday, 15 January 2015

How the "Stillness" Show is Looking

"Lies About Nothing", 2014. Acrylic paint on panel, 88cm x 122cm.

Sean is a painter, focusing on views of the fringes of suburbia, places that feel as though they are familiar, but then escape our conditioned response. He aims to place the viewer as still points of a turning world - alone, for a while, then possibly watched as they look on. The scene switches between mundane and suggesting something may be about to happen.Sean was recently shortlisted for the Ruskin Prize and his work can currently be seen in the ‘Contemporary British Painting’ exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery.

For contact and queries email
email: swseanwilliams@gmail.com
web: www.swseanwilliams.wordpress.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/SeanWilliams23/

Helen Stokes

"On The Apathy Of Inanimate Objects", 2014. Mixed media, varying sizes.

Work for sale -
Framed oil paintings £100 each

Helen works mainly from direct observation to create paintings and drawings, both in and outside of her studio. She also experiments with colour and print processes to create more abstract, sculptural pieces. Work from her Allotments series was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the Harley Open in 2013 and she has exhibited in several exhibitions in and around Sheffield. Helen has been a studio holder at Bloc since 2011.

For contact and queries -
email: helen.stokes@cantab.net
web: www.stokesfreelance.co.uk

Janie Moore

"683 Thoughts Of You", 2014. Still-life sculpture of Tick Tock tea bags, and a kitchen sink.

Janie is a multidisciplinary artist who utilises whichever media the idea needs. She considers it all to be drawing. A point of view that liberates mark-making from the page, to be composed of interactions between many surfaces. And as such, is an embodiment of what she describes as the discursive space - the desire to connect through the provenance of shared experience, that state of coming from and returning to which inheres to an object. Succinctly summed up by something Henry Moore once wrote, “never think of a surface, except as a volume”. Janie has been a studio holder at Bloc since gaining a first at Psalter lane in 2003.

For contact and queries -
email: janie_moore@icloud.com
web: www.janiemoore.co.uk
facebook: www.facebook.com/janiemoore.artwork/

Iris Harris

"Have I Got News For You", 2014. Mixed media - an old curtain, plastic tablecloth, tyvek, acrylic paint, and sewing thread.

Iris works with text, stitch paint and newspaper. She is interested in the relationship between our internal personal feelings and contemporary external issues. Iris has been a studio holder at Bloc for 4 years.

For contact and queries -
email: irispharris@gmail.com

Ric Stott

"Kevin Waits", 2014. Oil paint and gold leaf on found board, 200cm x 150cm.

Work for sale -
Large oil painting £500

Ric works mostly in oils and is interested in the relationship between creativity and deepening spirituality. His work primarily explores the body, mystical experience and sexuality. He runs a community artspace in Sheffield city centre at 35 Chapel Walk where he has his studio.

For contact and queries
email: rjstott@hotmail.co.uk
web: www.iaskforwonder.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/RicStott/

Rita Kaisen

"13mm Pebble From South Devon Beach", 2014. Oil paint on canvas, 144 cm x 96 cm.

Work for sale -
Large oil painting £1100

Rita is a painter and graphic artist. She is concerned with myth- making and open ended narratives deliberately inviting questions. She is looking at art as a kind of detective work exploring our psychological and physical existence. Rita recently returned to Sheffield and is once more a studio holder at Bloc.

For contact and queries
email: rknartist@live.co.uk
web: www.ritakaisen.blogspot.co.uk
facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Rita-Kaisen-Artist/165000836861720

Andy Cropper

"Stillness In Action", 2014. A collection of photographs and oil paintings on panels, varying sizes.

Work for sale -
25 cm square oil paintings £150 ("Sit W/Apple" and "Sit W/Moon" have sold)
landscape prints (unframed) £30
small prints (unframed) £20

Andy is a realist painter interested in a very specific way of looking at the world. Constantly on the lookout for glimpses of ‘mini-sublimes’, ‘odd-ness’ and the uncanny in the routine, humdrum and everyday. In this show Andy has stepped outside his usual way of working to explore other ways of doing art inspired by Marina Abramovic, René Magritte and mindfulness. He hopes to take this project further in future work. Andy was at Bloc from 2000 to 2007.

For contact and queries -
email: andy@artbyandyonline.com
web: www.artbyandyonline.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/artbyandyonline/
twitter: www.twitter.com/Andy_Cropper/

Friday, 2 January 2015

Promotion for Upcoming "Stillness" Show

An exhibition of new work by a group of artists associated with Bloc studios. Sean Williams, Rita Kaisen, Richard Stott, Helen Stokes, Janie Moore, Iris Harris, and Andy Cropper.

10th - 28th January 2015
Open Weds - Sat 12 - 6pm

Preview Friday 9th January
7 - 9pm

Talks/ Chats/ Events
1) Wednesday 14th - 3pm
A chat by the painter Andy Cropper about his recent work and experiences which are very much outside his usual way of working.
2) Saturday 17th - 2pm -"Painters" vs 'Paxman'
An investigation by Bloc's very own Jeremy Paxman (Sean Williams) into the practices of the painters in the "Stillness" show.
3) Wed 21st - 3pm - "Art Chat I"
A conversation of comparisons and contrasts by several of the artists about their work in the show.
4)Wed 28th - 5pm - "Art Chat II"
A further conversation by the artists about the show and its conclusion at the end of the 3 weeks .

Bloc Projects,
71 Eyre Lane,
Sheffield S1 4RB

t 07419 376401
t 07419 376402

If you want to follow the happenings of the 3 weeks and you are on Facebook click on the following link - "Stillness" Group Show at Bloc - https://www.facebook.com/events/1374900539481274/

Promotion Items for the Show



A3 Poster and Postcard

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