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Monday, 6 April 2015

An Essay About Titles of Paintings

As I've been getting ready for the latest painting that I'm part of show "Overlooked" (link) titles of my work have come hugely to the fore. When I was at university in the mid 90's one of the essays I completed was specifically looking at what is going on concerning the titling of work. Could a piece be misrepresented by a simple title, could a painting even be inverted in meaning because of its title?

ou can read what I created back then here as I've uploaded it and can be read via this link (it's a .doc file and will ask to download to your desktop also the formatting seems to have somehow been disturbed by uploading,  not sure why that is.) - http://artbyandyonline.com/artbyandyonline/FIRST-YEAR-ESSAY-TITLES.doc

Looking back on it, I'm really quite proud of what I wrote.