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Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy 100th Issue Now Then :)

It's Now Then magazine's 100th issue!!! Launched in April 2008 it has become a 'go to' quality read which reflects the interests and concerns of many Sheffield folk.

To celebrate the launch of the 100th issue Now Then is showing the work of many of the artists that have been chosen as 'artist of the month' within it's covers. Sheffield street artist Phlegm is rightfully on the cover of this issue, and I'm one of several artists that have been chosen for the inside pages. 

There's "Bus Stop"!! :) Just want to say there are signed prints of "Bus Stop" and other prints available to buy here > artbyandyonline.com/prints . On the left hand page are works from Jo Peel (top) and Rob Lee (bottom)

Also to celebrate, video artist Steve Pool has created a projection on Weston Park Museum of the first 99 front covers of Now Then.

I was selected for "artist of the month" and interviewed by the editor Sam Walby for the November 2015 edition of Now Then magazine (issue 92) which provided a great boost for my reach, career and of course self esteem :)  - http://nowthenmagazine.com/sheffield/issue-92/

Now Then
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Sunday, 3 July 2016

New Group Show - Curate Sheffield's "Private:PUBLIC"

Curate Sheffield's "private:PUBLIC" at 35 Chapel Walk, 2nd-29th July 2016 (Preview 1st July 6-8pm).
Alan Baker / Luke Beech / Clare Holdstock / Andy Cropper / Deborah Gardner

Urban space is complex. It is space that is notoriously alive with a web of dichotomies, which city dwellers must negotiate on a daily basis. One such dichotomy is that of public and private space; a quintessential notion of the modern city. With a vast amount of places “off limits” to varying strata of society and carefully mapped out public areas for transiting or leisure, we each act out a set of unwritten social rules and modes of behaviour.

What private:PUBLIC attempts to explore however, is those areas on the boundary between private and public. Those grey areas of the city whose purpose is not so clearly defined; those spaces in which urban explorers and psychogeographers are compelled to explore (abandoned buildings, back alleys, industrial estates etc), or where the homeless find temporary respite (a doorway for sleeping, for example). By highlighting these ideologies, the exhibition will make the viewer question their own behaviour through their ever-changing shared and personal environments.

Luke Beech displays works that highlight the fine line between the interior and the exterior. Clare Holdstock, also working in concrete, uses early modernist aesthetic to create sculptures that question how the architecture from this time distorts twenty-first century urban space. Alan Baker’s ‘Home’ is a makeshift shelter constructed using found objects. Re-thinking ‘vermin culture’, the work explores society’s views of the homeless, confronting underlying issues. Andy Cropper's realist paintings depict "uncertain spaces" and considers the way public space is being bought, given, or transferred to private concerns which subverts what is understood about public space. Deborah Gardener’s photographic work depicts the home as a location for dwelling and a social space that marks the private and reflects the public.

Curate Sheffield are Liz Dickinson and Becky Gee
Website - https://curatesheffield.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/curatesheffield/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/curatesheffield

Participating artists
Clare Holdstock - http://clareholdstock.co.uk/
Alan Baker - http://alanbaker.tumblr.com/
Deborah Gardner - http://www.axisweb.org/p/deborahgardner/
Luke Beech. - http://lqbeech.wix.com/artist
and me :)

35 Chapel Walk gallery,  Sheffield
Website - http://www.35chapelwalk.com/
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