A painter living in the wilds of Yorkshire (Sheffield, so not really 'wilds' as such). Has been painting for 15 years, properly established in 2008.
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Thursday, 26 April 2018

'Nocturne II' - completed commission

 'Nocturne II', 2018, 
Oil paint and acrylic on gessoed panel, 
50cm x 50 cm.
Commissioned piece.

I was commissioned earlier this year to create a painting similar in tone to my painting 'Nocturne', 2016 . A bit of a difficult undertaking, or so I thought at the time.

When I'm looking for things to paint I'm looking for elements within spaces that are different to those I've painted before. However, during one of my journey's around Kelham Island in January I realised I had responded to the place in a very familiar way to that of the first Nocturne. A happy accident indeed.

In this following video you can see the steps that went into the making of the painting. (You can see the video in 'full screen' and 1080 HD for the full effect)

The view is from the bridge at Kelham Island looking away from the city, the following link points to the spot on Google Street View https://goo.gl/pM3zUj